Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are listed here so the members and friends of Good News Baptist Church can know of the prayer requests of others, and leave prayer requests of their own.

Please feel free to leave a request, or to contact the church for any other need you might have.

If you would like to leave a prayer request for the church, please complete this form. Your request will be answered promptly.

Current Church Prayer Requests —

Pastor Beeler

  • thank God good health and recovery since having a heart attack and heart surgery.
  • Personal witness and good works.
  • Church growth.


  • Moving from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.
  • Finding and fitting into a new church.
  • Good health and emotional issues.
  • Family relationship


  • Witness and testimony to co-workers.
  • Family health.

Breath of Life ministries

  • Opportunities to reach out to women in need.
  • Opportunities to share the gospel.

Missionary Prayer Requests —

Jorge & Patricia Bermeo – Ecuador

  • Housing closer to their church, Pilgrim Baptist Church.
  • Church growth, the church is less than two years old.
  • They need hymnals, Sunday School and outreach materials.

Tom & Eunice McCoy – Columbia

  • Bible institute growth and protection.
  • Health and family needs.

Selmer & Colleen Peterson – Belize

  • Health and family needs
  • Bible distribution ministry

Marc & Elmyr Freres – Haiti

  • The Freres have only recently gone to Haiti, please pray for their provision, settling into life in Haiti, and their ministry in Haiti.

Jonathan & Michelle McPeters – Whales

  • Financial and pray support needs

Theo & Sarah Van Reijn – Netherlands

  • Financial independence.
  • Church growth.

Daniel & Rachel Powell – Middle East

  • Protection from enemies who wish to do harm.
  • Ministry opportunities.